Our Story

GreenTomatoMedia is a young Search Marketing company headed by Simon Legouge . A true entrepreneur at heart, Simon started his first blog with just €10 and was able to generate more than €100,000 in ad-revenue within four short years.

His travels in Asia inspired him to incorporate his business in Hong Kong and set up his new office in beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Our vision

At GreenTomatoMedia, we believe that intelligent outsourcing is the key to success in today’s business environment. That is why we have built strong partnerships with companies in France, Malta, UK, Israel, US, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. By leveraging the resources of our global network, we are able to provide high quality services at very economical prices.

Our mission is simple: to deliver real results for our clients by using the same proven methods that have helped us built profitable websites. We love taking care of our garden, and we would love to take care of yours!

Our satisfied clients

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Our services

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Satellite blog creation

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